Tour in Cusco

plaza-de-armas-cuscoCusco considered one of the most important cities of Peru, is the center of the Inca Empire, Cultural Heritage of the World is one of the places most visited today by the number of important archaeological sites and tourist attractions, with Inca walls, colorful costumes, colonial churches built on Inca palaces, legendary Inca trails and all the beauty of a glorious past that envelops visitors arriving to Cusco. With a wide variety of customs and traditions, still retains Cusco Inca walls and streets with stone floor to mingle with the Colonial architecture.


To start this circuit pick up from your respective hotel in the afternoon and then visit the following attractions.

The Cathedral of Cusco.- begin the tour visiting the Cusco Cathedral, the church of the Holy Family, and the Church of Triumph.

Koricancha.- Temple Also called “Temple of the Sun” perfect architecture and stonework reflect that was the most important temple of the Inca Empire.

korikanchaSacsayhuaman.- In Inca times was called “house of the sun” and was a major religious center of great importance This construction is attributed to the Incas of the past dynasties, is located 5 km from the city of Cusco.

Qenqo.- Located a kilometer of Sacsayhuaman, was a ceremonial center as shown in the central part a giant monolith, possibly from an animal that was the main deity, surrounded by niches where offerings were placed.

PucaPucara.- Old inn, lookout existed along the Inca roads.
It is constructed of rustic type consists of streets, houses and courtyards.

Tambomachay.- Located 9 km. of the city, known as the Inca Bath, by the form of their water sources, could also be a temple dedicated to the worship of water,

Following our visit we return the city of Cusco. End of our service.

Our service includes:

  •      Tourist bus.
  •     Professional Guide.
  •     Tourist Ticket Entry:
  •     (Sacsayhuaman – Kenko – Pukapukara – Tambomachay)
  •     Transfers.


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