Rural Tourism


turismo-rural-comunitarioCommunity Rural Tourism

The community of Pisaq strives to support and to revive the traditional techniques of the Indian communities. Many in the local area have preserved their ancestral traditions in agriculture, cooking, and weaving. We offer one or two day tour packages of the local community, which includes native programs and opportunities to experience the indigenous culture directly.


-Day 1-

Guests will depart from the Hotel Andenes de Pisaq via bus, for the community of Chahuaytine to explore cave paintings dated to 5000 BC. We will visit a local Andean textile center and an iconographic studio. Next we travel to the lake of Quinsa Zocha located high in the mountains known as La Sierra.

Our next stop is at the picturesque native village of Paru Paru, where the organic products for our restaurant are produced. Afterward, the group descends to Amaru for a lunch buffet prepared by The Pisaq Association of Women, where we explore local hand-made crafts. Our guests will experience a typical Andean dinner and sleep in local accommodations.

-Day 2 –

After an Andean breakfast, guests will participate in agricultural and artisan activities with local craftsmen. We then return to Pisaq for the return trip to Cusco.


The one day program includes the attractions listed above. Guests will lunch in Amaru, and return to Pisaq after visiting the local artists and craftsmen.


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