Rural Community Chahuaytiri

chaaytiriLocation: The Rural Community Chahuaytiri is located in the high Andes, where Quechua Suni region has a frigid climate, and is officially recognized by Directorial Resolution No. 923, of December 4, 1990.  Access to it is by dirt road and it is 17 km away, bounded on the north by the Community Chinchemarca Pampallacta,and  on the south by the Communities  Occoruro Tiracancha, district of San Salvador, and on the east by the Community High Sipascancha, and to the west by the Rural Communities of Cuyo Grande Sacaca . Its population is 591 inhabitants.

In the Community Chahuaytiri cave paintings (5,000 BC) were discovered by the scholars Dr. Jorge Flores Ochoa and Luis Barreda Murillo. This community is dedicated to farming, and raising sheep and alpaca. The locals use their sheep for making beautiful fabrics with the ancient practice of pallaes, showing beautiful geometric shapes and experiential reasons.

This community has a primary education center from 1st to 5th grade.  Additionally the most qualified commoners serve in minor emergency medical cases.  They are trained by medical personnel from the town of Cuyo. The Patronal Feast of Chawaytire is celebrated on August 8 in honor of its patron saint the Virgin of the Assumption.

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