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quienes-somos-andenes-pisaqThe name “Andenes” captures the importance of the terraces built by the Imperial Incan culture. Beautiful and visible from afar, the terraces protect the sacred lands and crops from erosion. Concentration of the food sources spurred the growth of the empire.

Pisaq, the agricultural epicenter, fed the nation during the Inca epoch. In Pisaq, crops including potatoes, corn, amaranth, and kiwicha were grown and stored for use in the Sacred Valley and Cusco. The ancient granaries high atop the mountain are still visible from the town below.

During the glorious period of the Inca Empire (some 500-700 years ago), the Sacred Valley must have been one of the most agriculturally productive regions in the World. When the Europeans were waiting for the rain to come, the Incas were controlling the irrigation of the terraces by diverting small quantities of water from mountain rivers.

This way, the threat of drought was practically eliminated. Unlike in the case of the Maya civilization, which had collapsed partly because of a long period of drought.

The Incas used different types of earth for different species of plants. They also controlled the quantity of water used accordingly. Some plants require more moisture, others less; of course.

THE ANDENES DE PISAQ is a family hotel located near the famous Indian Market of Pisaq, which is the gateway to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The hotel offers you a charming, spacious, and cozy room….. Each with private bathroom, hot water, and internet. Our rooms offer the areas’ most stunning and spectacular views of the mountains, just below the Pisaq Archeological sight. From your balcony you will be able to appreciate a very close distant view to the magnificent remains, terraces, and palaces of the Incan Culture. Our restaurant, located in the hotel, provides a family atmosphere and offers a buffet of traditional and typical dishes of the area. We also welcome you to stop by our tour desk that offers information about all tours and excursions.

The hotel is located just 15 miles from the Cuzco airport, on the banks of the Sacred Vilcanota River. A 5 minute walk from the Pisaq Archeological center, and 20 minute drive away from the Ollantaytambo Ruins and train station to Machu Picchu.


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