About Sacred Valley of the Incas

Along the long valley we find the town of Urubamba, between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, located a short distance from the city of Cusco.  As well as tourism, organic farming and livestock flourish in the Valley.

It is the area where you can appreciate and marvel at the high technological development achieved by the Incas in agriculture through farming terraces (terraced land on the slopes of steep mountains for use in seeding) that are now in full production, with sophisticated designs and the hydraulic engineering works that are used for irrigation. Also important centers of worship of Pachamama (Mother Earth) add an air of mystery to the entire Valley.

Today, every town in the Sacred Valley of the Inca is a melting pot of Spanish and indigenous architectural styles, . The wealth of these people in their folklore and crafts, their lifestyle, their dress, makes it a place that will leave lasting memories.

This area has  established major hotels, so you can enjoy the nature of the Andes mountains, at a lower elevation and a warmer climate than Cusco.


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